about me

25+ years old. Be over 18, please.
I believe in writing out a character's thoughts and feelings, and generally being detailed. What I don't believe in is dragging things out unnecessarily for the sake of a word count. Sometimes, a scene moves quickly. Still, I always try to write a small paragraph, at least.
Tagging once a day, or once every two days, keeps a good pace, and prevents a loss of interest. I understand life happens, but I also like to see certain level of commitment in a writing partner.
If you are no longer interested, invested, or have the time: please, tell me. Even if it's just a quick "hey, I don't think this is going to work. bye forever, sucka!". I don't bite, and nobody likes to be left hanging. Sometimes, communication is the key when you don't where the line is going.
I like to keep a balance between writing male and female characters. I'd rather not write with someone who plays only females.
Smut is fine, as is FTB. Sometimes, smut can not only be fun, but help develop a relationship. In other instances, simply saying "then they had sex" works fine.

Fandoms. (*) for a craving.
Metro: Last Light* (Artyom/Pavel, Artyom/Ana)
Sailor Moon* (Mamoru/Usagi)
Harry Potter (Maruders or Trio era)
Legend of Zelda (Link/Zelda. I'd love to swap their genders, but if that's not your cuppa tea, it's fine)
Cowboy Bebop
The Walking Dead (Comic! I stopped watching the TV series a while ago)

I prefer M/F, followed by M/M. F/F comes last. It doesn't mean I am completely against a femme line, but I would have to truly be interested in the plot.

I won't do incest, blood play or bathroom play. Other than that, as for darker storylines, I'd be interested in roleplaying a woman being kidnapped by a vampire, for no particular reason other than "it sounds kinky". Non to doubt-con, with attempts to escape being punished.

Topics I am interested range from post-apocalyptic settings (similar to Metro, Fallout, or Last of Us), a zombie setting with a base on Max Brooks' book World War Z, to shameless fluff with a touch of smut (especially for the fandoms). Love/hate relationships, Death Eater/Order of the Phoenix member (or/and muggleborn) relationship during the worst of the first wizarding war. Teacher/student at a boarding school.